Hospice Testimonials

“My brother, my sister, and I all agree that your music time with our dear mother was the highlight of her [final] week.  It brought her such great blessing as well as to us when we got to be with you!”–Daughter of patient–L.B.

“Dad is on hospice now so I may not see you again, but the more I’ve come around here and seen what you do, the more I realize how important what you do is:  their bodies may be broken, but their spirits are still in there.  You treat their spirits with your gentleness and kindness-and that’s important.”–Son of patient–B.S.

“You can stay and sing all day… That’s the most at ease I’ve seen her all afternoon… Earlier she was trying to climb out of her bed.  Now she’s so relaxed.”–Nurse T.J., patient–S.B.

“I wanted to tell you–Mom passed [away] 5 minutes after you walked out the door… It was just beautiful.  I think she may have been waiting for you.  She just loved music…  You led her home!”–Daughter of patient–L.R.


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